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Diesel Locomotive parts are our business and we love doing our business.

About Us

Clive Greeff

Chief Operating Officer

Boise Rail was established as a locomotive parts manufacturer and distribution company  in 2002 by Clive Greeff. We followed the simple philosophy of doing it right at the right price and with the object of making the customer happy.

Strategic  joint ventures and trusted supply chain partners have made us successful and respected in the industry.

We are known for on time delivery and good quality parts .


Shipping from 3 locations worldwide.

USA Office

1362 Seven Golds Ave,

Eagle , Idaho 83616

South Africa Office

99a Schooner ave 

Laser Park 

Roodepoort 1725


99a Schooner Ave , Laser Park , Roodepoort

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 5.00 PM